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Frozen together for eternity

Posted by
Aaron Schmidt (Auckland, New Zealand) on 28 September 2005 in Art & Design and Portfolio.

There was once a small frog named Bongaloo who lived down by the sea. He spent his days eating flies and laying in the sun and doing what most frogs do. The Bird of Kiwi and Ironho, the lizard, were his loyal friends, warning him of danger when the snakes would crawl near.

One day, Bongaloo met a magical man named Magic Man. Magic Man told Bongaloo that he was over 3000 years old and, if Bongaloo wanted, Magic Man could make him live forever too.

Bongaloo considered Magic Man's offer. He told Magic Man that he would accept his offer only if his friends, Ironho and the Bird of Kiwi, could join him. Magic Man smiled and then he waved his magic wand. Bongaloo saw a blinding flash of light and then he saw nothing more, ever again.

For Bongaloo and his friends became frozen inside a magical frame, where they could not move and they could not see and they could not feel anything. But Magic Man had kept his word and even to this day, Bongaloo and Ironho and the Bird of Kiwi can be found down by the sea, frozen together for eternity.

So the next time someone magical promises you eternal life, just remember the story of Bongaloo and his loyal friends and think twice before you give up what is real in the hope of achieving something that cannot be.

Canon EOS REBEL 1/800 second F/5.0 ISO 400 70 mm