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Blue Smartie, the Wise

Posted by
Aaron Schmidt (Auckland, New Zealand) on 29 November 2005 in Food & Cuisine.

And the Orange Smarties, being young and unwise, being careless and brash and full of temper, yet recognizing their own ignorance, approached the magical Blue Smartie, seeking her guidance. They begged for her assistance, stating that they knew nothing and would be lost for eternity without being shown the blue way.

When the Orange Smarties has finished their desperate plea, Blue Smartie smiled and opened her empty hand. "BEGONE FROM MY SIGHT!" she bellowed, "lest I strike you down with the terrible thumber and the lightning, lest I make your shells crack and your inner pieces melt into the void!" The Orange Smarties scattered into the darkness, screaming in fear. "Do not tempt me you foul demons, lest I send the rats to knaw on your faces and chew on your bits, lest I use the hot bulb to bring your bodies to liquid!"

From then on, the Orange Smarties were content with their ignorance, choosing to spend their nights down in the valley, far, far away from Blue Smartie, the Wise.

Canon EOS REBEL 1/10 second F/14.0 ISO 100 163 mm