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Prehistoric footprints in the mud

Posted by
Aaron Schmidt (Auckland, New Zealand) on 16 January 2007 in Plant & Nature.

Out walking in the ever deadly Australian outback and I came across these footprints in the dried mud. I stop and wondered what brave Australopithecus afarensis had been trotting through this part of the woods. And then I realized that the species of afarensis had been localized to Eastern Africa and it would be highly improbable of them to make it all the way to Australia, especially considering that the Australian continent had been floating free for millions of years.

So then I started thinking that maybe these footprints weren't created by prehistoric hominids after all but rather (and more likely) just some modern Homo sapiens like me. Needless to say I was rather disappointed but in the end I'd rather be aware of the truth then live my life in ignorance.

Canon EOS 20D 1/250 second F/11.0 ISO 100 18 mm